Towards Freedom

It is not about the I But more of a failed promise To live without the encore Of collective decisions Mistakes adjusted Accepted and included False assurances Only led to beliefs Myopic vision Only suffering Reigned feelings Traps of beliefs Promises extracted From undecided minds Mourn the loss of freedom Repent and defend Simultaneous failures Exaggerated claims Stagnation Morsels taste bitter Forced down  To satiate … Continue reading Towards Freedom

Lost Wanderers

Perceptions ensnared by expectations Unsympathetic conversations fuel every debate Relationships of discomfort puncture hope    Constant derision of heartfelt feelings Nurturing the forest birthed from delusions Soulful utterances walk aimlessly like a lost child Deep and dark woods absorb negative energy Convoluted indistinct paths ambush true love Humane sentiments perceived to be a weakness Disguises are chosen with alacrity Poisoned arrows fill the quiver with … Continue reading Lost Wanderers


Some experiences cannot be theorised Beyond conventional awareness Their presence is an eternal reality,  Due to their nature of existence- In an amorphous state   There’s no existential crisis Being is the purpose   Alert and agile, the mind seeks Soul, the dimension unexplored Carrying cryptic messages When everyone is in denial So be it!   There’s normality in stillness A celestial metamorphosis Light comes to … Continue reading Experience


Body’s hidden desires  Disguised from the mind  Heart becomes a brigand Judgemental errors of superficiality Blindfolded and ignorant Allows sensationalism to persist Appearance is deceptive There’s no mercy for deceived Soul has been declined any say Passions fuel emotions There’s more to experience Insatiable and irrational Body seeks pleasure Life relegated towards misery Delusional freedom Least known about life There are hidden stories Beyond appearances … Continue reading Delusions