Enchanted Forests

Here is a poetry collaboration with Kim She commented on one of my poems and these lines just flowed. Hope you all enjoy reading it. Forests are nurtured from antiquity Stands tall like a fortress guarding the secrets Whispers of wind sound melodious, before they are lost magically Sun and Moon do not find passage The roads are created by instincts A Forests, the final frontiers, … Continue reading Enchanted Forests

Reflection of Eternity

Mystical mirror of aquamarine reflects another identity of the Sun Ripples push aside reality for a while  Duality of images seen in flowing surreality A cosmic prophecy plays in plain sight as day stands still in attention Nothingness shrouds the entire landscape Delightful breeze wakes up the brief pause with sudden caress A painting of nature tries to portray the genesis of its beauty Many … Continue reading Reflection of Eternity


The immaturity and failure of adults are due to hurriedness to grow up without being conscious of one’s existence and realizing the true meaning of life. Roots of instability grips and stifles the growth of an individual. Social narratives are becoming more intolerant and aggressive, thus creating a negative impact on society. Considering failure to be inevitable is an inevitable path towards failure.  ~ Amitav Continue reading Failure


Nurturing fickle and facetious sentiments in the mind A heart becomes disengaged from sentience and wisdom Brazen thoughts infuse lethal doses to obliterate senses Seeds of lasciviousness and avarice establish a firm presence There is ultimate anarchy across the furrows of prescience  A life of frivolity loses trust in introspective judgement Ignorantly moving towards the lure of aggrandized servitude Moments of satisfaction sizzles for some … Continue reading Suspicious