Nurturing fickle and facetious sentiments in the mind

A heart becomes disengaged from sentience and wisdom

Brazen thoughts infuse lethal doses to obliterate senses

Seeds of lasciviousness and avarice establish a firm presence

There is ultimate anarchy across the furrows of prescience 

A life of frivolity loses trust in introspective judgement

Ignorantly moving towards the lure of aggrandized servitude

Moments of satisfaction sizzles for some time and fade

Ferociously defending the pernicious boundaries of existence

Communications resemble an incoherent diatribe

Every day the mind becomes defenseless against intrusions

One with abandoned wisdom is a peril for life’s essence

Fake laughs and words of fraudulence make one weary

The radius of life shrinks and consciousness disintegrates

Looking for commonalities to justify individual follies

One who deceives the mind and heart appear suspicious©

18 thoughts on “Suspicious

    1. Hi Austin, not submitted anywhere yet. They are usually compiled into anthologies and poems and writings lose their significance. May be at a latter stage will think of publishing, although not decided yet. Thank you for your encouragement. If you happen to know any authentic sites or poetry publication please let me know.

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      1. Well, I think you should go for a literary magazine. They’re much smaller scale than anthologies so the work doesn’t lose as much significance. There are a handful of “indie” small scale magazine that may be looking for some poetry.

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      2. That’s the plan behind the magazine I’m a part of called Beautiful Losers. We get that there is a significant community of writers that traditional publishing would forgo in pursuit of money. There is still quality literature around, we just all have to try to find each other, connect, and keep building up.

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      3. That’s great. I guess in literature money should not be the deciding factor but unfortunately many excellent literature are bypassed due to such attitude. I know there are sincere minds there who love literature and are working to make the initiative of writers a priority. Do you have a link to the magazine?


      4. There are and will continue to be sincere minds like those. And as for the link, here you go: We’re actually about to come out with our first issue on this Wednesday. If you want a sample of stuff publish, click the Read Us On Medium, to read the material we’ve published but didn’t hold for our first issue.

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      5. Rightly said, Austin. Let’s applaud these sincere souls who care for literature and will always reach out to writers to publish works of art. Thank you so much for the link, I will surely go through the publication.

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      6. Ami, would you mind being added to my newsletter for my blog? I promise no spamy stuff, just weekly content related to writing

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      1. Some will glance, some will drink
        Others steep, more think
        A few may ponder
        Might even consider
        Words are wind
        Yes, it is true
        Yet, winds in nature
        Are messengers too

        zGGy / 11.12.16

        *inspired by this post and comment above. 🙂

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