Mind Matters

You are never secure in an insular world. The mind becomes a failure while creating indelible boundary lines with various stereotypes. Communication of the most inferior quality is borne out of fear to expand consciousness and accept the positive changes that are taking place in the Universe. The false perception of freedom and superiority complex is an amplification of insecurities and the inability to engage. … Continue reading Mind Matters


The night feels opiated  Immense sense of tranquil euphoria Smoky forms across the skies An unknown artist’s illustrations With free will expressing ideas Awakened mind is a conduit  Conveying the flow of emotions Darkness is in a stupor But fully aware of eternal bliss A psychic phenomenon unfolds Night’s candour is captivating This moment of realization Rhythmical shifts between realities Unraveling the somnolent consciousness It’s no … Continue reading Interpretations

The Walk

Slow down the pace to tread consciously Learn to complement the true rhythm of this world Stay away from the misnomers No one should transgress to deprive the soul of tranquility Overzealous ambitions make life fragile Contentment becomes an alien word Expunged from memory and the entire existence  Hollow sentiments echo the discontented experiences An unrestrained mind cannot welcome positive discourses Impair the real essence of communication … Continue reading The Walk