Verses and Feelings

Poet feels naked after parting ways with intricately woven verses  Relinquished designs along with embellishments of pure feelings A noble gesture by the poet to introduce metaphysical fashion Once draped along the entire being the metaphors are arrayed  Bead stringing the poetic finesse through multiple strands of sentiments Verses colored with the artistic panache, feelings evolve vibrantly Modern poetic renaissance period will continue to inspire poets Poet’s … Continue reading Verses and Feelings


Habitually walking through the busyness Too distracted to glide the eyes over subtle feelings Stark realities of barren environment are overlooked Walking into a wormhole and losing the essence of life Mind pirouetting around an ephemeral reflection Busy nothingness cloaks the unrepentant behavior Success- a succession of acquiring lot of paraphernalia Every act fabricated to avoid the realities within Reverence for the askew reflections of … Continue reading Busyness


There is a lot of information to be processed by the human brain on a daily basis. They originate from various sources and presented through different mediums. Most importantly, the mind has to deal with verbal and non-verbal information to make inferences. The images are processed after a lengthy discussion in the mind; this phenomenon is necessary to arrive at a logical inference. Scanning through … Continue reading Inferences

Embrace of Universe

Life writhed out from the folds of time Alas! It’s been a tiring slumber with dissonant dreams Facing each day with a pallid appearance Hunger pangs of knowledge ridiculed the mind Late realization, but heart found the courage to escape Cavorting across the wilderness along with first light Seraphic apparitions smiled to celebrate new beginning Heavenly balm cleansed the remnants of time Comforting calmness narrated by … Continue reading Embrace of Universe