When silence is of ultimate contentment

There is no need to search for those words

Eyes narrate the feelings with equanimity

Most eloquent communication in silence

Satisfying and without the usual distortions

Nourishment for the soul 

Finally, there is no ambivalence 

Without any burden to consider the halves

But oneness and complete synchronisation

Silence deserves an encore

Sweet celebration in the harmonious world

Wish for more clarity by way of silence

Perfect the utterances through practice

Enlightened soul understands perfectly

World will listen keenly 

A sermon which will become more relevant©


32 thoughts on “Silence

    1. Impatience, passive aggressive behaviour, negative thoughts are plenty. Silence is seen as waste of time. But everything comes from silence. Nature is silent before the fury or some phenomenal change takes place. It takes courage to plunge into this nothingness for silence may have answers we do not want to hear. But silence is the truth.

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      1. Yes and hard to find in this fast paced world. I try to find silence, sit with myself in it because it is how I grow and learn. It’s taken me a lifetime to find this though, to fully understand the power of silence. I spend a lot of time by myself walking in nature, the silence of nature speaks to me! : )

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  1. This poem ‘ silence’ speaks a lot Amitav ! The true search of the soul , the process of looking inward finding the tinge of infinity amidst the chaos or commotions of finiteness ..begins with silence , the light of knowing , realizing the true subtle self then is not far to seek ! Loved this work.Love.peace.Silence.

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    1. Silence speaks the ultimate truth, language has distortions. If the soul wishes to know the truth, deciphering silence can be an awakening. I love the way you put it, ‘the process of looking inward finding the tinge of infinity amidst the chaos or commotions of finiteness’ (beautifully said). Love, peace, and true purpose of life is Silence.

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  2. You’re way with words is like a breath of fresh air to my soul. This is a truly beautiful piece full of so much truth. I enjoy the silence, feeling the world pour it’s energy into me and connecting with myself. I feel this within you as you put the words down to share, a true connection. ❤

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