You and Life- A Realization

Focus on the ‘I’

To open up your eyes

Not only peripheral vision

Awaken from slumber

Open the mind’s eyes

For there is vision

Evoke the soul to visualize

Respect the essence of life

Expand the consciousness

All lives are sacred

Born of the universe

Cosmic bonding

Realize the bonhomie

With self-realization

There comes clarity

To understand life

Your fate

Related to karmic deeds

It depends how long

Before the shadow of ‘Ego’

Completely vanishes

To let true knowledge

Penetrate through each pore

Your entire being

In a state of happiness

When you respect life

Yours and others

And your responsible actions

Bring happiness

Informed decisions

Always an eye-opener

To envision a path

Towards eternal Nirvana©

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