Nature’s Love

Love is, the early morning sunray

Conspires with the soul for new ideas

Love is, the tranquil flowing stream

It’s clarity sparkles like winding necklace

Enhancing emerald curves

Adorned with love and nature’s plan

Love is when an acorn is nurtured

To germinate into a towering oak 

Whispering the secrets of the ground

By ruffling the crown of the tree

Winds pick up the stories to be narrated

To another distant valley

Love is, in the teasing of twilight

As night edges past the waning day

All in harmless banter

There’s playfulness at every hour

Love is when the birds meet 

To plan the design patterns while flying

The sky must be woven with new patterns

Before night comes calling

Everyone wants to secure a comfortable position

To enjoy the love of nature

Lovable dreams will make the sleep sweeter

Another kiss of dawn will make the cheeks blush

That’s love of morning sun©

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