Rendezvous with Self

When was the last time you missed yourself? Thinking and consolidating your thoughts, to create a more vivid image of yourself.

It is imperative to understand yourself -the kind of thoughts you harbor, the vision you have about life, the tendencies to extract different types of knowledge; every aspect is important to help you in the journey.

Most often we start shaping our thoughts according to the trends of the times we live in.

So many factors contribute to our thinking and the attitude we develop toward life in general.

The major flaw in our self-development is to accept someone else’s perception about us and building a false identity.

We so often fail to realize our inner calling and the world within us remains neglected.

We think the way the society deems right and frames certain definitions for us to adopt.

We unknowingly give precedence to a foreign thought or idea, because it makes us feel accepted. We claim to think differently, but the core idea remains the same and we twist it to suit our taste.

Staying alone, individuality, and proposing the right ideas (contradictory to the popular ones) is seen as a rebellion and one is termed an iconoclast.

The individual is seen with skepticism because the ideas and thoughts that define the lifestyle is incomprehensible my many.

Often shunned and misunderstood, they are not accepted and kept away, fearing, their established fabrications may be challenged at every step.

Different kinds of media have vested interest in propagating ideas to the masses.

These ideas borne out of a few collective think tanks are projected with glitz and glamor, to make them appealing.

As everyone is celebrating these newfound interests, they are unaware of the fact that they are losing their identity as they move ahead in life.

One has walked far off venturing into this oblivious frenzy just to feel accepted and wanted.

In this process, we also leave our vulnerabilities exposed, as we did not have the time to exercise self-control and build a world which is balanced.

We never asked questions to ourselves or had a one-to-one rendezvous to know our soul. At a deeper level, we have not built a solid foundation to construct a balanced life.

So many times, when we do not exercise control and go ahead with our unexamined life, sinister forces out there are more than willing to exploit the vulnerabilities.

Either it’s too late to introspect, or repeated incidents leave your world traumatized.

It is not a venerable option to live an unexamined and directionless life. The journey in life becomes exhausting.

In the race to achieve and acquire every possible trophy, one is left with disappointment and rejection; rejected by the same society who lured into all this, forcing you to believe in their popular ideologies, laden with vested interests.

Everything starts to fall apart in no time. We see lives and dreams crumble in the blink of an eye.

Nothing honorable in neglecting the inner world which can shape your world more constructively and give you the strength to exercise your individuality and follow the dreams you believe in.

Live life with conviction, have faith in your dreams and garner the courage to not get swayed by the deluge of frivolous and popular ideas which are not built on sound logic.

It’s your life and you are the one who can navigate it to the right direction. Thinking mobility to be a sign of progress is a fatal flaw.

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