Coy Irises

Coy irises spoke true feelings

Love in the bosom expressed eloquently

Filled with true passion

The world around blossomed with Love

Silence draped in glowing blushes

Lips that quiver in anticipation

Irises of feelings spoke of surrender

Souls drown in eternity©

17 thoughts on “Coy Irises

      1. That is what makes it so special…it is the layers behind the writing. My brain is so visual, that I always see the obvious imagery first, delight in that, and then start peeling it away…You do that brilliantly, btw!

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      2. I would say that’s the beauty of poetry, interpretations make them vibrant. There have been many poetry written on blooming irises, but I though about giving it a different twist in my poetry. Rarely, eyes are described this way.

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      3. Prose has it’s own rhythm it’s poetry in extended form (that’s what I feel), so dealing with a continuous flow of feelings in prose requires lot of skill and also ‘stream of consciousness’. Thank you, for putting across your perspectives, it is always a pleasure to discuss literature with you.

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