Observing the indifferent hearts and listening to their dialogues

Can be a complex experience, yet, the mind observes the visible stirrings of insecurity

Afflicted with an intense desire to humiliate the pilgrims of conscious knowledge

Exaggeratedly colouring the world with dismal tone of perpetual exasperation

Choking every conduit of wisdom with dishonest thoughts, trying to challenge feebly

Hiding weaknesses by being belligerent and desecrating the pantheon of souls

Precariously suspended at the jagged edges of diabolic abysses

There is an effort to eclipse the celestial glories and voices of Divine consciousness

One cannot identify the source of adulteration of mind with poisonous fury

The feelings of benevolence and empathy are discarded with obscene pride

Depleted life hurls the souls towards incarcerating core of fatal depths©