Trying to see the engraved divine speeches

There is so much to comprehend from eternity

Every facet of the Design is presented

Sermons of silence for those who wish to seek

Proven morality and principles of life essayed

Not from elsewhere or can be borrowed 

Here, there, everywhere, a directionless stroll

Nothing can compensate for constant absence

From the daily narration when soul speaks

Any preacher may disgust the haughty ones

Only fate will be the teacher of an enfant terrible

One who is not attentive to the Self

With being of love and careful consideration 

Careless one will be oblivious of every soul

Distorted reality may be chosen over truth

When morality becomes an irksome debate

Truth punctures defenses of the unethical

Powerful mirror reflects constant reality

A lost soul will miss communication with self

Dissapearances of the strangest kind

Rebels without the truth fade away to oblivion

Treacherous dreams shatter with every touch

Listen to the sermon carefully before the journey

Read the engraved speeches and align with life

Paths will emerge and soul will be the guide

To receive love nurture the heart with care©

10 thoughts on “Speeches

    1. Thank you, Kunal. Quite a phrase you have here for a blog title but here are a few lines which was penned right now-
      Page from a sage
      Listen to the adage
      Spiritually engage
      Or, face fate’s enrage
      Time to disengage
      From daily pilferage
      Protect soul from carnage


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