It is impossible to gauge every facet of a relationship

There are some folded and preferably unknown angles 

From where light does not reflect but absorbed all the time

Edges of a relationship are rarely levelled with consent

Initial euphoria illuminates the world and mesmerise the souls

Eyes sparkle with the magical twinkling of love’s colour

Does that initial friendship forget about the nondescript bends?

Sweet madness of compliments and coy exchanges

The over fondled stringed instruments do sound in rhythm

Initially taut and freshly stringed attuned to the heart’s feelings

Few discordant notes from amateur hearts are overlooked

Hopefully, players will be focused on the tunes of feelings

Amidst all the tailored attires, hope desires do not feel captive

Only if the corners and angles were carefully comprehended

Relationships could have taken a turn towards the eternal alleys of love

Fragrant happiness and without the dangers of feeling lost

A friendship of a lifetime can be coupled with Divine blessings©

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