Just Seek

Mind seeks to explore the unknown places

Otherwise thought to be fabricated intentionally

Or, imaginations stretched too far pains the beliefs

When desires of consciousness become too strong

To go and seek; restless mind won’t allow sleep 

An unknown yearning to satiate the curiosity

One who seeks to relinquish acquired knowledge

Evacuate the common perceptions

Being free and without any apprehension of unknown

There may be small hurdles to jeopardise this seeking

Many other minds will try to convince with counter logic

Starts with a subtle request, then a vehement mission

Decision to visit the unknown is not a race

A mad passion to be accepted an inherent quest

To restrict reasoning within the circumference of ego

It’s an endless struggle to deny an escape 

More knowledge is waiting to be explored and analysed

A step towards metacognition to comprehend more

Not enough to know and think but to go beyond©

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