Infinite Dreams

You cannot stay for long if you are not perceptive

Difficult to swim through the transient tapestry

There will be moments when the soul slips away

Could be swept away by strong currents of lasciviousness

Foresight helps the feet to be grounded in nothingness

There is the eternal void a strong soul can survive

Composition of life with the granular consciousness

Rough edges are calmed with the desire to meditate

Balancing the opposing forces with dextrous mind

Aura of brilliance becomes the epitome of purity

Strong character can hold on to the cosmic beliefs

Universe is the everlasting dwelling in spiritual harmony

Away from the birthed conflicts and doubts

Perilously out of sync with the rhythm of life

It’s necessary to end the hegemony of foolish narratives

Clairvoyant consciousness will guide through infinity©

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